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Discover the perfect second skin


- our packaging technology makes it possible

Your chocolate figures, bars, tablets and lollipops perfectly packed? Then Chocal is the right partner for you - the worldwide market leader in the development of moulded aluminium packaging for hollow chocolate figures and much more.

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Sustainable Packaging Solution

- Made of Paper

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Our Advantages

Maximum Perfection

Your figures are given a flawless appearance - the perfect second skin.

Detailed Figurativeness

Unlimited shaping options: Chocal can pack figures that cannot be packed using competing methods.

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Your labelling requirements on our aluminium packaging are perfectly legible.

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Optimized Protection

With our packaging your hollow chocolate figures are better protected.

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The figures can be sealed with a tamper-evident seal, if desired. 

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Due to the gentle handling of the chocolate figures, the amount of waste is decreased.

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More Flexibility

From mini to maxi formats, all figures can be produced on a single machine.


Benefit from our customer-oriented product development!

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Quality prevails

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CHOCAL Aluminiumverpackungen GmbH
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